5 x Budapest with kids

Beautiful Budapest! We simply adore the old-fashioned and yet sparkling charm of the Hungarian capital. ‘Berlin on the Danube’ features a mix of Art Nouveau and communist architecture, fantastic thermal baths and a slightly melancholy feeling in the streets, dating from before the iron curtain disappeared. But the greatest thing of all? The local habit of drinking hot chocolate and eating cake (the ultimate argument to convince your kids). 5 x Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids

Gellert Thermal Bath

A short walk across the Danube brings you to the mythical Gellert Hotel and Bath. Your visit to the city is definitely not complete if you haven’t marinated in one of the many thermal baths for a few hours, all of them with a slightly different temperature and combination of mineral components. Don’t forget to have a good look at the changing rooms. It all looks like a movie set from the twenties, a movie you definitely want to see.

Gellert Bad Budapest
Gellert Bad Budapest

Centrál kávéház

Centrál kávéház is one of the loveliest places in Budapest to have coffee in an atmosphere of elegance and belle epoque style. The choice of pastries is bewildering, so be prepared to eat them all.

Central Kavehaz Budapest
Central Kavehaz Budapest
Central Kavehaz Budapest

Széchenyi bath

Budapest’s main park has an Art Nouveau zoo, museums and a circus, but what we like most of all is definitely the   Széchenyi bath. True, it does get crowded in the past few years, but it’s still a magical experience: soaking in the outside thermal bath at sunset, watching the colors of the sky change (besides watching your fellow bathers playing chess). Inside the iconic yellow building there’s even more thermal baths: 21 to be exact, each of them different in temperature.

Szechenyi Bad Budapest


Gerbeaud is one of the oldest pastry makers in the city and serves up lovely, traditional baked goods. It’s full of old ladies with lots of lipstick on, hungry kids and Asian tourists staring in awe at the chandeliers and the velvet curtains.

Budapest Gerbeaud

Butter Brothers

Bake the world a better place, is the inspiring lifegoal of Butter Brothers. This artisanal bakery is the place to be if you like a buttery breakfast or afternoon treat, and let’s be honest: who doesn’t? Here you sink your teeth into the crispiest bread of Budapest, and of course into a mountain of cinnamon rolls, chocolate swirls and croissants (definitely ‘Top Ten of Best Croissants in the World’ material, should you keep a list of that).

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