From monastery to Dream Hotel

In the heart of Mons in the province of Hainaut, the former monastery of the order of the Sisters of Bélian just stood there. The building was empty and in decay. Until a bunch of entrepreneurs took the initiative to transform the neogothic jewel into a hotel. Dream Hotel is … a dream.

Hotel Dream Mons

The monastery was refurbished, without changing any of the religious style elements. In every corner of the hotel you still feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Fortunately the Holy Spirit is not against a serious dose of contemporary comfort and stylishness.

Hotel Dream Mons

Neck pain

The result of the renovations is pretty cool. Walking the premises, you need to watch out for neck pain because you feel the constant need of staring in awe at the high, vaulted ceilings. ‘I didn’t know nuns lived in so much luxury’, says Mirtha, when we discover our bed for the night. ‘This was probably the room of Mother Superior’, giggles Lucy. Both the girls are mesmerized by the curtains. They are so long, they look like they are never ending. ‘Definitely not from Ikea’, the girls decide.

Hotel Dream Mons


The floor is covered with gorgeous carpet, showcasing beautiful handmade illustrations of the history of the Doudou. That local folktale about Saint-Georges and the Dragon – recognized by UNESCO as immaterial heritage – is to be discovered in the Musée du Doudou, that opened its doors two years ago.

Hotel Dream Mons

Dreaming of dragons

Written on the wall of our room is ‘Good Night’ in different languages. Felix wants to know all about it and asks Google Translate for help. Turns out the hotel wishes us sweet dreams in Italian, Spanish and French, but also in Danish (‘God Nat’) and even in Slovenian (‘Lahko Noc’). Strange words, the kids say. But they do work: all the dragons that rush through our dreams later that night, seem to be harmless. Probably the work of the Holy Spirit.

Hotel Dream Mons

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