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Once upon a time we wanted to be a cowboy (Kristien) and a pianist (Greetje). Things turned out differently, for various reasons. Cowboy has been a bottleneck job for quite some time now and the world can look rather black and white as a pianist. We chose a different path. We became Thingfinders.


Thingfinders? Well yes. This is how it all began.

On a sunny day in spring 2010 we were on the road as a freelance journalist and photographer for a Belgian magazine. After work we sat in the trunk of the car and began talking about our lives as a mother/writer and a mother/photographer. Hours later we were still there. Travel with kids, we decided, would be our thing. In the fall of that same year we made our first article about exploring Amsterdam with children. Five years later everything has changed. We have published two beautiful books and loads of articles in magazines and newspapers. Not to mention all the blogging that has been going on here, from now on also in English.


Why with children? Aren’t they exhausting?

They are. Sometimes. But you should know one thing about them. They are smarter than they look. Their curiosity and investigative personality can come in handy if you want to broaden your horizon. Plus, they tell good jokes.

Our reasoning went like this, more or less:

Travel? Fun.

Mirtha, Lucy and Felix? Fun.

Conclusion? Let’s find clever ways to combine the two and get rich.

Of course we’re also happy to leave them with their dads from time to time and satisfy our wanderlust just the two of us.

That’s all nice and cosy, but what is your mission?

In this world we ‘re all too busy. And we spend too much time glued to the screen, both children and adults. Familytime, like any time, is under pressure. So we want to inspire you to go out and experience an adventure together. To explore the real, tangible world. Make plans. Collect memories.

Kristien spends her days drinking coffee, wandering around her hometown Antwerp and writing books. Her children’s novels and travelbooks were published by Lannoo and Luster. The Soap Knight is the main character of her series for children aged 7 to 9. De Zeepridder ziet een spook (The Soap Knight sees a ghost) was published in september 2017. And with 360° Parijs she wrote a travel guide about, well, Paris. Her favorite city.

Greetje works as a photographer for a host of newspapers, magazines and private clients. She also creates her own work, always focused on people and their stories.


Do you have tips, reactions or wild ideas for us? We ‘d love to hear from you.
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